Максимальный размер файла на DVD

Если кто-то будет искать максимальный размер файла для записи на DVD (например что бы разбить большой архив на болванки), то вот он: 4 294 967 295. Если записывать диск в формате UDF, то, вроде бы, можно больше. В общем бить архив по 4,2 Гб – самое оно.

4 thoughts on “Максимальный размер файла на DVD

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  2. извини чувак что поправляю крутого админа -макс. размер файла на двд 2 гигабайта.
    кури маны 😉

  3. Чего их курить… пробовать надо. За эту неделю было записано с верификацией 40 DVD болванок с 4,2 гигабайтными файлами. Все чексуммы сходятся.

    Спецификация ISO 9660 Level 3 поддерживает до 4 Gb.
    The 4 GiB (or 2 GiB depending on implementation) file size limit
    All numbers in ISO 9660 file systems except the single byte value used for the GMT offset are unsigned numbers. As the length of a file’s extent on disk is stored in a 32 bit value[3], it allows for a maximum length of 4 GiB. (Note: Some older operating systems may handle such values incorrectly (i.e., signed instead of unsigned), which would make it impossible to access files larger than 2 GiB in size.)
    Based on this, it is often assumed that a file on an ISO 9660 formatted disc cannot be larger than 232-1 in size, as the file’s size is stored in an unsigned 32 bit value, for which 232-1 is the maximum.
    It is, however, possible to circumvent this limitation by using the multi-extent (fragmentation) feature of ISO 9660 Level 3. With this, files larger than 4 GiB can be split up into multiple extents (sequential series of sectors), each not exceeding the 4 GiB limit. For example, the free software such as infrarecorder and mkisofs as well as Roxio Toast are able to create ISO 9660 filesystems that use multi-extent files to store files larger than 4 GiB on appropriate media such as recordable DVDs.

    Empirical tests with a 4.2 GiB fragmented file on a DVD media have shown that Microsoft Windows XP supports this, while Mac OS X (as of 10.4.8) does not handle this case properly. In the case of Mac OS X, the driver appears not to support file fragmentation at all (i.e. it only supports ISO 9660 Level 2 but not Level 3). Linux supports multiple extents.[4] FreeBSD only shows and reads the last extent of a multi-extent file.

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